Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Posted by Hakzai

Woots! Nuffnang is giving away movie tickets again and this time is 'Date Night'. What you guys need to do is write a blog post titled 'My Date Night' and share your most memorable date. What you guys waiting for? Fast fast grab this chance and share your most memorable date with us! :-P

Here mine,

My most memorable date was happened during my college life in the first semester which we still fresh with each others. Hence, we agreed to hold a Christmas party on Christmas Eve to get more familiar with all.Once I reached on that night, the 1st thing crossed my mind was "tonight would be a bored night". Opss! I'm totally wrong! Their attitude totally different with what I'd think. They are playful,talkative and friendly. This was unbelievable! From that time I've learnt  the sentence "Don't ever judge a person from outer". That night was a memorable date with all college friends because it got us know well more each others. Till today I'm still connected with them! Hope our friendship keep it on!

Hope my blog post still get in the right time! :-P


Mandy said...

it was a great memory!!

Hakzai said...

tat's a great party which brought us more closer!

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