Saturday, March 6, 2010

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Did you guys read my previous post? As you guys know that I'd visited Malacca on last Sunday. Continue from previous, I've mentioned "GEOGRAPHER" right? Ok! Here we go!

Btw, do you guys know that the movie starring by Sammi Cheng in "Summer Holiday" also shooting at Geographer?

1. Geographer Cafe.

2.Orange Cooler @ RM 7.50

3.Geographer More More Tea @ Rm 7.50 (taste a bit bitter! -_-")

4.Organic Coconut @ RM 4.50 (how organic ah? hehehehe)

5. Cheers~~~~(Spirt & Me)

6. Table for 3 (hope it won't raining while you eating there because it is roofless :-P)

7. Spirit & Amanda

After a short rest and refilled our energy, we decided to continue our next location to Stadhuys(historic building).

8. Christ Church Melaka since 1753. (or better called Stadhuys)

9. An old clock

10. St. Paul Church

11. In love again! (Spirit & Amanda) (B&W version)

12.St. John Fort

13. Trishaw (found everywhere in Malacca! wanna ride?)

After bathed with sweat at Stadhuys, we decided to have a sweet ride at Menara Taming Sari which the tower that can allow you see the sea view + city view. It worth to ride if you have no experience with it but for me the time hanging in the air are too short. -_-"

14. Wow! UFO! (just kidding! :-P) (Menara Taming Sari, Melaka) @ RM 10.00/person (Malaysian only)

15. LOL! Me & Amanda

16. Wow! I'm above the Portuguese ship (Maritime Museum)

Had an enjoyable trip at Malacca even that was a last day of Chinese New Year! If the chance allow, hope to visit it again. Unstoppable eating, drinking and walking.Tiring and an awesome short trip!


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