Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Posted by Hakzai

Last Thursday was Perry's birthday, so we planned a simple celebration for him.(because the time not allowed for us to planned a huge party! sorry ya!) Hence, we decided to had a dinner at Restaurant 2008 Snow Beer which located at Cheras Business Park.

1. KaiLan cooked in two method (not bad!) @ RM 13.00


2. Salted Meat @ RM 18.00 (LOLZ! Non-halal again)

3. Herbal Chicken @ RM 18.00 (taste not bad)

4. Pepper Lala @ RM 18.00

5. Birthday cake (strawberry favor) (taste d@mn nice)

6. Perry with his birthday cake! (fast fast make a wish la! hahahaha)

7. Mike, Derrick , Perry and Betty.

8. Mike, Perry, Me and Derrick (WTH I'm doing there? hahahahaha)

Had an enjoyable dinner!  I'd like to take this opportunity once and again wish Perry's a "Happy Birthday and May All Your Dreams Come True"!


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