Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Posted by Hakzai

Do you guys still remember my previous post? Yes, the one that I when to FGS Dong Zen Temple @ Jenjarom. That night we decided to had our dinner at Klang after visited FGS Dong Zen Temple. So, this time I would like to recommend a nice place to eat seafood completed with a nice sea view.

1. Restaurant Port Village Seafood 

 2. Coconut @ RM 5.00 (your 1st choice during hot season! :-P )

3. Sambal Kangkung @ RM 8.00

4. Sheung Tong LaLa(oyster) @ RM 15.00 (this my favorite. yummy! :-P)

5. Kam Heong Lai Liu Ha(shrimp) @ RM 15.00

6. Soft crab @ RM 20.00 (for me this dish too oily!)

Had an enjoyable night + satisfied seafood dinner even the next day I've to work.

Rate : 8/10 (maybe I was too hungry! hahahaha)
Price : Average (reasonable for me but how you guys think? :-P )
Location : LMS A 12800 Tg. Harapan, 42000 Perlabuhan Klang.


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