Monday, February 22, 2010

Posted by Hakzai

Did you guys have visited FGS Dong Zen Temple at Jenjarom during this Chinese New Year? If not yet then you should give them a visit. Last Thursday I'm just visited it. There was crowded and compacted and make me feel Chinese New Year is in the air.When all the light turn on it getting more wonderful.

1. Main entrance.

2. The lantern (lantern found everywhere)

3. Spirit & Amanda (the lovely couple :P )

4. Is me! (OMG! Am I look fat?)

5. The garden (hunger for wide angle :-P )

6. The main hall

7. Guan Yin

8. Ksitigarbha ( zàng wáng sà)

9. The Bell (knock the bell and get longer life)

10. Buddha Tower

 11. The exit

 Is it this is the best place to visit during Chinese New Year? I think should be! :-P


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