Friday, February 26, 2010

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Last Sunday was my godfather(not Mafia boss ok? hahahaha) birthday,we had an dinner at Restaurant Hong Kee which located at Taman Connaught. I had a bad experienced with this restaurant.

 1. Lamp wording (Hong Kee)

 2. Yu Sang (wow! 5th times 'lou sang' in this year :-P)

 3. Crab meat sharkfin

 4. Roasted pig. (non-halal again! :-P)

 5. Snow fish (don't know the name correct or not?)

 6. Curry fried shrimp (just kidding :-P actually I don't what sauce is it?)

 7. Scallops (my favorite, YUMMY!)

8. Sau mee

 9. Desserts

10. Tong sui

11. Happy Birthday to our HANDSOME DAD (Mafia boss! hahahaha)

12. Godmother, godfather, my mum, and my sis!

13. The pretties! :-P

I would like to complain :-
1. Too many foreign workers, sometime they can't understand what you want/say!
2. Poor services such like they didn't provide spoon & bowl to us when sharkfin served then how we going to eat?
3. They like to put useless stuffs on our table seem like nobody business (while we eating)

 I think that I would not visit this restaurant again since they create a lot troublesome to customer. Or is it during Chinese New Year every restaurant also like that? 

Rate : 3/10
Price : ??? (not sure! :-P)
Location : Taman Connaught



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