Sunday, January 31, 2010

Posted by Hakzai

Just back from One Utama, watched Tiger Woo Hoo that Malaysia Production. After heard a lot good comments from friends untill today I'm just decide to watch it. A bit outdated hor? XD

This movie is about an elder who living at Beserah, Kuantan that he can not longer perform "Woohoo"(tiger dance) for the coming every 60 years prayer ceremony. Hence, his granddaughter hired a group(5 persons) youngster from KL to training them and perform for the coming ceremony. The funniest and touching parts started when the 5 person reached the to small village.

Rate : 7/10. Unbelievable nowadays Malaysia Production have that high quality shooting skill and a great storyline. I won't hesitate to praise it. *thumb up*. "Be appreciate the tradition and keep it on for the future"    



ylkuan said...

u r x 7/02/2010 only going to watch..i thk im d one who outdated:)

Hakzai said...

u more late than me! lol
btw, that's a great movie!
worth 2 watch!

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