Thursday, January 21, 2010

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The LG New Chocolate BL40 is a beautiful handset. It fairly elongated, but its profile is quite thin, which does make it look like a bar of chocolate. This phone is a member of the LG Black Label Series. New Chocolate BL40 has some amazing attributes which enhances the utility of the phone to a great extent. Its QWERTY keyboard is among the best in the mobile phone arena. The amazing touch screen will allow the user to access the phone with ease and comfort. The screen utilizes capacitive technology, meaning it responds to your fingers only(touchscreen).

Start from the connectivity.
Various connectivity options are given in this phone which allows the user to share information, pictures, images and videos. Bluetooth, 3G, HSDPA and Wi-Fi are in built in this phone. The LG New Chocolate BL40 will be your solely gadget if you own it. The most noticeable feature of LG Chocolate BL40 is its huge 4.0 inch HD WVGA Screen. It has 16 million colors and amazing resolution of 345 x 800 pixels, which gives you an awesome viewing experience. This phone body is made of jet-black, glossy plastic almost entirely, with deep red lower and upper parts of the body lending some color(a well-tried color solution). There are more than enough metal elements and they give the right finish to the overall design, including the framing on either side of the phone, the nice edging at the top and bottom. The phone dimensions is 128 x 51 x 10.9 mm and a light heavy at 129g. This phone is ideal for people who like to watch movies on phone and who like to surf web on their phone.

The camera is typically strong with a healthy 5-megapixel sensor and Schneider-Kreuznach optics. It carries most of the features you'd expect on LG New Chocolate BL40 with plenty of exposure controls and recognition settings plus a decent LED flash. Some other features of this phone are an in-built Music Player with Touch Screen Music Controls, XHTML & HTML Multi Touch Web Browsing and Instant Messaging. We can say that LG Chocolate BL40 is a fully loaded entertainment phone with features like Music Player (WAV, MP3, & eAAC+), Dolby Mobile Sound, Touch Screen Music Controls, FM Radio RDS, Polyphonic Ring tones, MP3 Ring tones and GPS .

Ok! Back to the topic, "Why I like It Longer". (ahem........ I think everyone is thinking what I was thinking. hahahahaha) The first reason why I like it longer because of the panoramic mode, this phone can fulfill my dream which I can take 360 degree view in a single shot of panorama and fully attach on the screen. Hence, I don't need to lean on software anymore. The second reason is the long slender shape is unbelievably refreshing to once again hold a phone to my ear that's also close enough to my mouth to pick up every word I say. So, I don't need to scream while I chatting on phone. The third reason is I like the "Main Menu"(landscape mode) icons look more appealing than ever on 4.0 inch HD WVGA Screen. It make my jobs more easily with this phone, example like sending message, surfing internet, watch movie and listening to music. The fourth reason is with this 128 x 51 x 10.9mm dimensions of this slim stunner, it's as good in my jeans as in a coat pocket.

Nifty Tricks with the LG New Chocolate BL40

Conclusion :
I'm very impressed by the overall workmanship quality of the LG New Chocolate BL40. This phone feels solid, reliable and tough enough to survive for a long time, while its all-round design is, as I already mentioned, more than just appealing. Well, because it´s made of plastic the LG New Chocolate BL40 can get scratched easily, especially in the hands of people who don’t tend to look after their handsets, but a cell phone like this certainly deserves more care and attention than usual. It is a far cry from being your average device and looks irresistibly attractive. This means LG has done a great job and has rolled out an awesome Black Label family member. That´s Great Job, LG! Congratulation!


Anonymous said...

Woots! Well done! Good luck to you bro!

Hakzai said...

yours look more attractive!
good luck to u too bro!

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