Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Posted by Hakzai

Last Sunday was my 1st time visit Taman Pertanian Malaysia which located at Bkt Cahaya, Seri Alam with Spirit and Amanda. The entrance fee are RM3 per person(cheap hor?) but I've spend more than that on my drinks! Once we get in there then we decide to start with Argo-Forestry.

1. The tix for 3 persons!

2. The bicycle (healthy sports hor? :P)

3. Argo Forestry (this just the beginning -_-")

In the middle way in Argo-Forestry suddenly we found an interested sports but unfortunately the capacity was full. That was "SKYTREX ADVENTURE". So, we only can stand there and watch others people enjoy their games! (mou yan!)

4. Skytrex Adventure (prefer you guys booking)

5. Tarzan or monkey? :P

6. Free for test? (but I don't know what fruit lai de wo?)

7. Gotcha! Yes! That is Starfruit. hahahaha :p

8. Cactus Garden (last part on West side)

9. The coldest coconut ice in the world. (thirsty and tired)

Do keep tracing my blog which the next part should be the East side of Taman Pertanian Malaysia. I can promise there will be more interesting. Wow~~~


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