Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Posted by Hakzai

Previously I'm showing West side of Taman Pertanian. Now is East side turn. After a tiring of cycling but still need to continue my journey to East side pulak. (thinking to give up East side :P)

1. Taman Padi (Paddy field)

2. The funny parrot (he bite my bicycle handle when I lean on the cage! :P)

3. Deer Farm (but there only got 2 Deers! I'm just like WTX........)

4. The original Peacock

5. Younger brother of Peacock? Grey Peacock! (I have no idea of this bird? you name it for me?)

6. The reflection (this photo I like the most! :P)

7. Four Seasons Temperate Garden (closed when I've reached there. sh!t)

Since I've used a lot time on West side so I couldn't finish all the place on East side. Therefore, we decided to leave and come again in another time. Hope to go A.S.A.P again because of Four Seasons Temperate Garden was having a Winter Season now and I would like to play snow inside there! Muhahahaha XD. If possible hope to join the "Skytrex Adventure" on next time! All of these I've mentioned please wait for me ya! Yahoo~~~~~


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