Monday, June 28, 2010

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Woots! This should be my last day at Penang afterward I need to pack my stuffs and back KL. Early morning Angel brought me to try the famous Char Koey Tiao at Lorong Selamat. After the delicious breakfast, we went to Temple of the Goddess of Mercy where the place was more 100 years.

1. Asam Laksa with lemang (taste not bad)

2. Popiah

3. Famous Char Koey Tiao @ Lorong Selamat (thumbs up!)

4. Carlson & Angel praying for the bless.

5. Temple of the Goddess of Mercy @ Penang

6. The ancient bell

After visited the Temple of the Goddess of Mercy, Carlson brought me to Khoo Kongsi which also one of the history building. We've had our dinner first at Macalister Road hawker stalls before start back to KL.

7. Khoo Kongsi @ Penang

8. The ancient wall

9. Wow! Piala Thomas nie! hahahaha =P

10. Carlson on screen! =P

11. Our ancestor!

12. Fake fish eyes! hahahaha =P

13. Super Calvin & Super Carlson wanna fly out Penang! =P

14. Otak-otak

15. Popiah

16. Chu Cheong Fun

17. Fried Jawa Mee

18. Lobak

19. Char Koey Tiao

20. Good Bye Penang. See you next time!

Thanks Carlson and Angel for invited me to this SUPER enjoyable trip. Love you guys! Muacks!


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