Thursday, June 24, 2010

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Last 3 weeks ago I've followed Carlson and Angel back to their hometown where located at Penang. Therefore, it was my shooting days and food hunting trip! =P

1. Hock Seng Rojak @ special sauce

2. The tauke dislike to wear sandals eh! (hear from Angel)

3. Special rojak with thick sauce (thumbs up! missing it =P)

After the light dessert there is time for the dinner pulak. Carlson brought me to eat a special foods which it's hard to find at KL and the restaurant just nearby Batu Ferringi only. After the dinner, we went to Miami Beach, Penang to took some photos.

4. Oyster MeeSua (1st time taste this kind of dishes eh!)

5. Fried Sambal Kangkung

6. Oh Gao Ke (Guinness Chicken)

7. Tomyam Prawn (did you see how huge the prawns? =P)

8. Spaghetti Crab (this is crazy, man! spaghetti with crab but thumbs up! =P)

9. Miami Beach, Batu Ferringi @ Penang

10. Me & Carlson @ Miami Beach

11. Guess who is she? (Yes! She is Angel =P)

Afterward, we back home and have a rest while waiting for next yum cha session. At the 1st planing to go Gurney Drive but raining so change to G Hotel. Woots, the place is d@mn comfortable and nice eh! Thumbs up! =P

12. Carlson & Angel @ G Hotel

13. Me & Carlson @ G Hotel (pretending cool. pheww =P)

14. Carlson, Angel, Pheobe & Summer @ G Hotel (nice meeting with some new friends)

15. Prawn mee (Penang famous dishes) (SUPPER! heavy rite? kekekeke =P)

16. Steamed chicken

17. Lobak

End my 1st day at Penang! =P

Continue to Pt.2 ......................


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