Saturday, June 26, 2010

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Continue from the previous blog post this is my second day at Penang. In the early morning we've went out for breakfast before go Kek Lok Si Temple. Angel brought me to a restaurant which famous with Fried Bihun and fried stuffs.

1. Angel showing Penang kueh

2. Penang Nasi Lemak (look nice hor? hahahaha )

3. Kentucky eh! Fried fish. (feel oily rite? early morning eat fried fish eh but delicious wo! hahahaha)

4. Fried Bihun (the famous breakfast at Penang)

5. Buddha statue

6. Lotus & Buddha

7. Me, Angel & Carlson in the mirror! =P

8. Kuan Yin

After the photos shooting at Kek Lok Si, is time to tea time pulak. hehehehe! Carlson's brought me to the Penang cendol which is the most famous cendol in the town.(actually requested by myself! hahahaha) It's really crazy eh because really a lot peoples Q-ing long just for the cendol even there are raining. -_-" After that, we've went to Chew Jetty where the place Ice-Kacang Puppy Love(初戀紅豆冰) shooting.

9. Teochew Cendol Chendul

10 . The most famous chendul @ Penang (mountain ppl mountain sea)

11. Yummy! (d@mn missing it!)

12. Chew Jetty @ Penang (the place where Ice-Kacang Puppy Love初戀紅豆冰 shooting)

13. Woots! Do you wanna cut hair?

14. Yeah! Is me again! hahahahah =P (Chew Jetty signboards)

15. Love da Sea (how creative are they?)

16. Angel & Carlson under the wide sky

At the night Carlson's brought me to try Penang Lok Lok style. It's really different with KL style which we got a place to sit with the table full of lok lok. After lok lok, we've went to Gurney Drive pulak(siao man) where the place full of tasty foods eh! =P

17. Penang Lok Lok (1st time tries with this kind of style! unforgettable!)

18. Carlson busying with his lok lok! hahahahah =P

19. Chu Cheong Fun with prawn sauce (Penang style)

20. Fried Oyster (different with KL)

21. MuahChi (yummy =P)

22. Fried stuffs (did you guys see the fried chicken skin? hehehehe =P)

This is really really really really crazy because we've ate unstoppable till one day also 'pangsai' few times! -_-" The next blog post will be my last day at Penang. Hope you guys enjoys reading my blog ya! =P

Stay tune! Continue to Pt.3


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