Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Posted by Hakzai

What is the 1st will cross your mind if I'm asking you Pulau Ketam(Crab Island)? Yes! It's seafood(especially crap crab) but it also known as a bicycle island too.
I with my friends reached there about 2.00 pm through ferry and straight forward hunt the seafood 1st before continue our journey. After the dellicious meal, we hanged around the island and done some photos shooting but that day hot like hell(better than raining rite? =P) and we all bathed by sweat!

1. Pik Yean on the boat!

2. Pulau Ketam Jetty

3. Local crap crab =P (big & fat wei~~~)

4. Hock Leng Keng temple

5. Can you guys count for me how many tires? (the proved of Bicycle Island)

6. The prawns is sunbathing!

7. A long way to home!

8. Crap Crab hunting (the only game for the kids @ Pulau Ketam)

9. Woots! Tiger eh! It's classic! (Maybank @ Pulau Ketam)

10.Yummy! Seafood eh! =P

11. The lovely couple (Jerry & Manday)

12. Good Bye to Mr. Sun

13. Panorama (click it for more greatest view! =P)

Feel great to experince a day trip with friends and photographing. Next time will plan to stay over night at there!


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