Wednesday, July 7, 2010

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Woots. Last 2 weeks ago I've went to (P)ort Dickson with my previous siao gang. We reached there about 6 o'clock, without any hesitation we straight prepare our dinner!    

1. Goodbye Mr. Sun (Sunset @ Glory Beach Resort, Port Dickson)

2. Preparing our dinner.

3. Charcoal on fire! (Don't play fire at home but at PD ok! hahahaha =P)

4. Mr. Luke pretending cute (WTF)

5. Our foods (a lot sausages eh! =P)

6. Asam fish balls (yummy! thumbs up)

7. Chicken wings on grilled (Look nice rite? hehehe)

8. Our Chef Luke with the delicious lamb chop! (Woohoo)

9. Scenery from resort balcony, did you guys see the stars? (Took at 12.00A.M.)

10. Pls take note, this is moon not sun ok? (Took at 12A.M.)

The next day we've woke up early and prepare our breakfast then tidy up our personal stuffs then went to Melaka. This time was my second time visit Melaka in this year but with different gang. Syok too! =P

11. Our breakfast! (OMG, sausage again! -_-")

12. Stupid me showing a stupid face in the early morning! 

13. The reflection in the blue skies (me and Luke)

14. The siao gang!

15. Welcome to Melaka World Heritage City

16. Luke likes BBQ Sotong!

17. Melaka famous BBQ Sotong

18. MJ = Melaka Jason (hahahaha =P)

Had a great & nice trip with an old friends. Therefore an awesome photography session with the siao gang.  Hope there will have more trip in future with my siao gang.


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