Monday, July 19, 2010

Posted by Hakzai

Woots! Long time never go for movie already but last Wednesday I've watched 2 movies in a row with the siao gang. At the 1st watched Predator then rest about half an hours and continue watch The Karate Kid at MBO Cinema at Ampang.(nearby my house =P).

Actually this movie seems like copy from previous 'Predator' which starred by Arnold Schwarzenegger just the storyline a bit different. In the in same time this movie just like 'Hunter X' PSP game for me. In this movie they have mention about previous where the 'Predator' already existed in 1987. But the ending a bit disappointed (just like no ending -_-")

Rate : 5/10

 Erm........ The 1st thing that I don't understand is 'what is the different karate with kung fu'? This movie is a modern/overwrite from previous 'The Karate Kid' which showed in 1984(the year which I haven't born). But this new movie more interesting because they added more comedies and more actions in it. Even the ending is a happy and a comfortable ending. Thumbs up! =P

Rate : 7/10 


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