Sunday, May 2, 2010

Posted by Hakzai

This time I would like to recommend a 'Pumpkin Porridge' steamboat. (sound weird rite? but taste not bad =P) My 1st impression was 'WTF! pumpkin porridge?' after tried it out I've changed my mind 'Wow! it's tasty' Thanks Pik Yean for brought me to try a new thing in my life. =P

1. Portion for 2 persons (too little rite?)

2. Fresh Meat Dumpling (tasty! I like it! XD)

3. Do you feel pumpkin? Yes I do! =P

4. Chef Mandy busying to put her recipes! kekekeke =P

5. Mandy & Pik Yen

6. The stupid guy who frightens by the pumpkin porridge steamboat! =P

The taste won't too heavy of pumpkin smell. For me, the taste is 'ngam ngam hou'. For those are a steamboat/porridge lover then you should try it out!

Rate : 8.5/10
Price : RM 66.90 (for 3 persons) (cheap or expensive? you guys define it! :-P)
Location : Queens Park Cheras, 392 Jalan Shelly.


asknomster said...

Hello... this is something really special. Looks like I need to give it a try. I have linked this post to . You can continue linking your other post @ . Hope to see you soon! =)

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