Friday, April 30, 2010

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Last Sunday I've went to Taman Tasik Permaisuri with my aunties, mum and grandma to have a "Morning Jog". Actually every Sunday they will bring my grandma go there to have a jog and get a fresh breath in the morning. Last Sunday suddenly I have an idea to accompany them while I can shooting too! (buntut gatal)  Long time never wake up early like this but it's really worth because I can sharpen my shooting skill. =P

Ok! Here come my humble pics! Comments and critics are welcome :-P

1. My grandma

2. My mum & my auntie

3. The reflection

4. The joggers.

5. I love white cotton! How about you guys? =P

6. Steep Slope (do read the signs once you reach there, caution! =P)

7. I'm under the blue skies! Love the atmosphere!

8. Water Lily

9. The lovely swans!

10. "I think I Miss Her" (B & W version)

11. LOLZ! A healthy exercise in the Morning! =P

12. My mum on exercise! (looks like riding a bike rite? hahaha =P)

13. Foot reflexology. It's damn pain!

After flooded by sweat, we decided to had our breakfast. Since my aunties was a vegetarian, so we had our vege breakfast at Taman Muda @ Cheras. (wow! sound damn healthy right? hahahaha )

14. Vege Curry Mee. (taste so so only! -_-")

So, how about the photos that I captured? Any critics? Wait for you guys comments ya! =P


Anonymous said...

No. 10 is really nice!! :D

Unknown said...

is it socially safe during night time?

Unknown said...

is it socially safe during night time?

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