Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Posted by Hakzai

Last night I'm just watched Date Night at One Utama which invited by Nuffnang. Yeah! 2nd invitation from Nuffnang. Thanks NuffnangMY. But, funny thing happened during the screening! TGV cinema get a wrong movie for us. "Clash of the Titan" suddenly showed up on the screen and all the blogger laughed unstoppable! (hahahaha funny rite?) So end up they delayed 30 minutes to changed back the actual movie! I think this should be my 'memorable date'. (hahahah!)

This movie is about Phil(Steve Carell) and Claire(Tina Fey) were a bored couple whose had a unchanged activity such as weekly date nights of dinner and a movie. At one night, both of them decided to have a changing in their date hence they went to a trendy restaurant for their dinner. Without any hesitation their nightmare started because of a mistaken reservation! A lot funny things happen during they escaping away from the killer.

Rate : 7/10 Had a great laughter.


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