Friday, April 9, 2010

Posted by Hakzai

Last Wednesday I went to Ice Room @ Shamelin to had my dinner. The foods and snacks there are so so only but the price a bit expensive.(feel like not worth) BUT, I won't hesitate to praise their snow ice! This is my 1st time try out a great smoother ice blended, it smooth like ice-cream(don't believe? then you should have a try! :-P)

1. Ice Room @ Shamelin, Cheras.

2. Marco (handsome rite? :-P)

3. Derrick (nice pose huh? :-P)

4. Strawberry Snow Ice (my favorite :-P)

5. Durian Snow Ice (do you like Durian? I do! :-P)

6. Tropical Fruit Snow Ice

7. Did you see it? (smooth like ICE-CREAM!)

8. Chicken Chop Noodle (not bad!)

9. Famous Fried Rice (better call it as Yong Chow Fried Rice! :-P)

10. Nasi Lemak (I think this is a best dishes among all)

Rate : 5/10
Price : Above average
Location : Shamelin, Cheras


mandy said...

haha. Hihi, u went there for dinner?? but why the pic of ur friends dont look like its at night? Snow Ice!! yum~

Hakzai said...

yup! cos we reached there about 6pm ++ den we finished our dinner about 8pm++
yayayaya! snow ice! yummy! :-P
u try b4?

Mandy said...

i tried 100Yen one lolz... but from the pic, looks like Ice Room one is more smooth.

Hakzai said...

actually i heard 100yen b4 but dunno where izzit?
mind 2 share?

Ken Wooi said...

yeah.. nasi lemak FTW!

the rest like ice-kacang only.. haha.. =P

Hakzai said...

nasi lemak lover? hahahaha :-P

snow ice bcome ice kacang pulak! hahahaha

Muhammad Rizal said...

The nasi lemak is quite nice and the price is ok too.

Gurl E said...

can i have the address for ice room shamelin.. i love the ice cream & want to have it again,.. but nilai is to far for me....

fahmie_ainie said...
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