Sunday, April 18, 2010

Posted by Hakzai

Wow! Nuffnang is giving away movie tickets again which linked with GSC - Eon Bank. What you need to do is write a blog post titled “If I am Ip Man master, I would …” and share with us how would you look like with your kung fu move by posting up your picture in the post and provide a link to GSC-EON Bank contest minisite.

Actually I'm waiting Ip Man 2 for long time already since have this tempting chance so I'm decided to participate.

Ok! Here my funny and stupid kung fu movement. Hope you guys enjoy it! :-P

1.Wing Chun combined with Nunchaku.

2. Wing Chun combined with Broadsword.

3. Wing Chun combined with 'Kamekameha' (I think most of you guys know this is Son Goku skilled who from Dragon Ball) 

Ok ok! I know the photos are ugly! So, please don't ever tag/post it everywhere ok! :-P

For more info about the contest, you guys can check out GSC - Eon Bank minisite at


Mandy said...

Haha... Good one, funny... YELLOW SHIRT some more~ Bruce Lee wannabe?? :P

Hakzai said...

lol! thanks!
yayayaya! bruce lee wannabe!
u knew it! hahahhaa! smart!
how bout urs? havent post it out geh?

Mandy said...

Lol... Mine?? hehe. maybe next round...

Hakzai said...

kk! i wait it!
den next time we can attend 2gether!

Mandy said...

congrat... u WON IT!! Lol. my sis said why r u holding a EGG TART... hahahaha

Hakzai said...

lol~~~ thanks! :-P
im just won de tix but not de prize! T_T
omg! it is really look like a EGG TART? no wonder i cant win de contest la!
hahahaha :-P

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