Sunday, May 30, 2010

Posted by Hakzai

Last Sunday I've a long long long journey to yum cha with my 'siao gangs'. We went to 'Kaki Corner'(foods quality reduced drastically) to had our dinner afterward we decided to go SS2,Petaling Jaya to yum cha. Once we reached then we had 'WALK' whole round of SS2 but re-decide to yum cha at another place! (sound like 'WTF' rite?) Finally we decided to have a drink at Bandar Menjalara and it's took around 1 & 1/2 hours to find a place to chill with! (siao man)

1. Moe De Cafe @ Bandar Menjalara

2. Doraemon Gundam ( I love this! =P)

3. Guess what? You're right! It is ashtray! (cute rite?)

4. For comic lover

5. The 'Siao Gangs'

6. The 'Siao Gangs'

This cafe serving drinks and comics to their customer a bit like Hong Kong style cafe.(good idea rite? =P) Some more 1 of the waitress is wearing costume to serve their customer.(tempting rite? =P) If you're a comic/costume lover then this is the place to chilling with. HAPPY CHILLING!


Anonymous said...

dude, that's not a gundam, it's a space marine , warhammer 40,000

Anonymous said...

lol..he cant differentiate GUNDAM n WARHAMMER...sad~

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