Saturday, May 22, 2010

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Last Saturday I with my 'makan' gangs went to Seremban to tried out the famous 'bake crap crab'. Actually we not so familiar with that area but luckily Kevin leaded us without any hesitation. It's unbelievable because Seremban not only famous with 'siew pao' even the 'bake crap crab' also quite famous.

1. Crispy chip and the special sauce (the sauce taste weird weird de -_-")

2. Forgot the name? (not expert in vegetable name! =P)

3. Forgot the name too? (I just know eat only others forgot about it! XD)

4. Fried Mee (taste SO SO only!)

5. Cheese Crab! Yummy =P (how fat am i? hahahaha)

6. Fried Udon Mee (taste not bad) *black pepper lover here*

7. Bake Crap Crab (most recommended) *thumbs up*

8. Seafood Tofu (not bad! not bad!)

9. Fried Rice (nth special)


After the great dinner, we won't miss out the Seremban famous "Siew Pau'. We straight away go hunt the 'Siew Pau', in the middle way we nearly lost but luckily we found 'Empayar Seremban Siew Pow'. Unfortunately, all the 'siew pau' sold out! I just like 'WTF" -_-"

11. Empayar Seremban Siew Pow

12. 'Tau Sar Peng' & 'Lou Poh Peng'

A long and a simple dinner at Saturday quite 'syok'. Where would be my next destination? Any suggestion? =P


Anonymous said...

Bake crab look it Halal?
Love to try it!

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