Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Posted by Hakzai

Hey! Don't think 'senget' ok? hahahaha =P Actually I've joined the fitness club for fat burn and build up a bit muscle. (still remember my previous post which I've mentioned that I getting fatter?) Ok! Back to topic, why I it call it 'Room of Mirrors? Because in the gym room, you will surrounded by mirrors. For what the main purpose? Don't ask me because I also don't know? hahahaha =P

1. The main hall (place to chill out :-P)

2. The gym room (feel heavy rite? hahahah =P)

3. Aerobic hall (but never see any aerobic class lo)

4. Wanna challenge? =P

5. Sauna room (seldom see people use it, don't know why?)

6. Yeah! My look during gym (handsome rite? hahahha =P)

7. Exercise and muscle guide (don't understand it even I've read many times -_-")

This gym club provide a lot facilities(thumbs up) and all the machines still look nice and stainless. Some more met my ex-secondary schoolmate at there and get know few members. They quite friendly and helpful to guide me how to use the machine there. Hope my diet program can success! (high hope ni! =P)


suhaisweet said...

hi there..nice blog & pics..visit mine if free k..;)

Mandy said...

Hehehe.... Jia yo! A lots of mirrow?? cos for u guys to see ur body lo... > < i know many muscle guy like to look at their body all the time in the mirrow one... haha :D

Hakzai said...

suhaissweet : thanks!

mandy : thanks! really ah? since u say like tat den me also feel it too. kekeke =P

Mandy said...

hehe, HOW much per month?? near your house one izzit??

Hakzai said...

RM 30/mth (its cheap rite? =P)
can say so la! near shamelin tho!

Mandy said...

> < wasai... really cheap lo... my side here, normal gym located at shop lot also cost 100+, damn, but look scary cos they display all 'tai jack lou' pic at the stairs noticeboard. haha...

Hakzai said...

sure lo! there is a cheap cheap fitness club mah!
u there very high class de den sure exp lo! =P
yayaya! my club also got alot muscleman! their muscle d@mn freaking big 1! siao!

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