Friday, September 3, 2010

Posted by Hakzai

Last 2 weeks ago I've attended my friend's basketball match which hold by YSL at Taman Desa. That was a great game, in the first & second quarters my friend team's is leading but during third quarter the referees started not fair enough. They just fouled my friend team's more than their opponent even second touch also lost their starting ball.(what the heck referee is it? not professional enough! thumbs down! boo~~~)     

1. The players is warming up!

2. Match started. JUMP!

3. Fouled ball. Free throw! =P

In the half way in third quarter, my friend whole team's stopped and get off from the court because of the referees and their coach start liaise with the YSL in-charge person and all the referees(first time see this kind of case. shame on the referees). Afterward, the game start as usual.

4. The coach liaising with the referees.

5. End match

This was a great opportunity to me because this was my first time to having a photographing in sports. Even the photos quality is a bit disappointed but I very happy because have this kind of chance. Even my friend team's lose this game but they really played well in the match, for me they just lose to the rules and referees.


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