Thursday, September 9, 2010

Posted by Hakzai

Finally I've went to KL Bird Park. This was my first time to visit our Malaysia KL Bird Park (omg! am I Malaysian? hahaha) and it's unbelievable because it is The World's Largest Free-flight Walk-in Aviary. The charges is RM 20 for local(Malaysian) and RM 45 for foreign but the price a bit expensive for me(worthwhile at the last)

1. Directory of the KL Bird Park

2. Bird? Chicken? Flamingo? Duck? I also don't know? *Curious*

3. What a lucky day! (I'm mean myself =P)

4. The haunted tree!

After one hour or more then we have a rest at Hornbill Restaurant & Kafe. The thing that make us shock the most is one 500ml bottle mineral water cost RM 9.(WTF! siao man, how to buy oh?)

5. The best drinks while you lack of water in few hours!

6. Dinosaurs Ostrich Bone =P

7. Hey! Can you don't disturb me while I'm having my meal. =P

8. Wow! Dinosaurs (Opps, it's Flamingo)

9.  The beautiful scenery.

Had a greatest photography session with Derrick and a tiring day. Planning to go again once I get a telephoto lens(Hehehe =P)


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