Monday, March 14, 2011

Posted by Hakzai

Woots! Finally I've tasted Lan Jie Steam Fish which located at Rawang! Actually I have plan to visit it for long time ago but don't own the chance. Luckily, this time I had a jobs at Rawang and my colleague introduced and brought me to that famous steam fish! Yeppi....

I won't hesitate to praise the taste because it's really damn delicious and tasty! Their concept is 'one person per fish'. Everyone own a whole fish for their meal either some of them eat two or above! Siao wei! But their really get my thumbs up! Opps! I can't stop praise! ^^ Looking forward for next destination!


petitecafe said...

I tried the one in Kota Damansara, thumbs up too!

Hotel in Brugge said...

That's Good Look and Cool Recipes .

Hakzai said...

mispetite : where is tat place? mind 2 intro? ^^

hotel in brugge : Thanks! ^^

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