Sunday, February 20, 2011

Posted by Hakzai

Yo! Whats up! How you guys spend your holidays during Chinese New Year? At the 6th day of CNY, I've when to Semenyih with Derrick's for photographing. At the first, I thought it's very easy to climb but I was wrong! We've used about one and half hours to reached to the top hill and fortunately the sky just started bright.  Without any hesitation, we start set-up your tripod and turn on out camera and start shoot like nobody business! ^^

After bathed with sweat, we decided to visit the town to hunt some food and we've found the famous wanton mee which recommended by some blogger. After the breakfast, we when to Temple Shek La Tuk and captured some photos and at the same time we were freaking tired and exhausted because didn't sleep well in last night and straight when to hiking! ^^

Hmm......... Really get a great experienced in this photographing session even the next day feel like the legs not belong to myself! hahaha ^^


Romantic Dinner said...

wow very nice location and good looking . fantastic idea for hill. lovely your recipe and interesting this post .thanks

Romantisch Hotel Brugge said...

beautiful photo's and fantastic recently post . amazing your idea and nice look.

Hakzai said...

thanks! ^^

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