Friday, March 18, 2011

Posted by Hakzai

Last week I with my cousin went to the famous Keong Kee Bah Kut Teh which located at Pandan Indah. The taste of the bah kut teh really not bad and this was my first time(and last time) visit to them because I very damn disappointed with their services! We ordered a bowl of bah kut teh for two person and when the time they served the bak kut teh I felt the portion just like for one person only! So, I asked the tauke sou and she without any hesitation and answer me "the portion for two is like that de lo". I'm just like "WTF", is it this kind attitude they serve customer? Then I'm straight away take photo and decided to make a blog post!

When the time I took the photo, the tauke sou realize it and she ask the staff to add-on back the portion but I declined. Afterward, the tauke sou brought another bowl of bak kut teh and apologise that the chef make a wrong order. But, I feel very funny because the second bowl portion is more than the first bowl. So, what mean of it? *CURIOUS* It's too late to apologise because that time I'm damn  pissed off and decided to share with my friends!

P/S : Please check out your portion once they serve your order! ^^ (just a soft reminder!)


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