Thursday, August 5, 2010

Posted by Hakzai

Last 2 weeks ago I've attended Carlson's farewell party at Neway Karaoke Box and celebrated his belated birthday along with others friends. Get a free birthday cake and champagne from the Neway K.B(thumbs up for the services) but in the middle way suddenly got a waiter came in a wrong room and broken few glass then left it there until I complaint to other waiter!

1. Neway Karaoke Box

2. Sau Sing Gong (this time have birthday cake! =P)

3. "Cheong K" kaki

After the "Cheong K" session, we went to JayaOne, Petaling Jaya to have a drink. First, we drank at Royal Oak but most of them said hot then we change to Brussels Beer Cafe(siao! beer beer beer and beer) That night we chilled until 3pm then the next day slept till evening!(siao! since it was Carlson's farewell then ok lo)

4. Kilkenny Draught (Irish Beer)

5. Me & Derrick (opss! I'm not a alcohol lover)

6. Sau Sing Gong with his Heineken

7. My favorite drink "Ice Blended Cappuccino" (better than beer =P)

Long time never been that "siao' already. Hope will have this kind of chance in further and I also wish Carlson's all the best when he's back to his hometown. Bonjour!


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